//  Warren Mass  //  Jul 30 2016

Mexican Relief Agency Accused of Facilitating Illegal Migration to U.S.

Some on the U.S. side of the border have accused Mexico's Grupo Beta relief agency of assisting illegal migrants in reaching the U.S. border.
 //  RedState  //  Jul 30 2016

Should We Even Try to Win the Voters You can Only Reach with Lies?

I read with interest this column at RCP asking whether Clinton has written off "working class white men." Yesterday, I was asked to participate in a round…
 //  AMY FORLITI  //  Jul 30 2016

Special Prosecutor to Help in Minnesota Police Killing Case

PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A Minnesota prosecutor said Friday that he won’t step aside but will add a special prosecutor to his team as he decides whether…

Pope Visits Auschwitz, Begs God to Forgive ‘So Much Cruelty’

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) -- Choosing silence to convey his sorrow, Pope Francis visited the former Nazi death factory at Auschwitz and Birkenau on Friday,…
 //  LISA MARIE PANE  //  Jul 30 2016

How Police Handle Protests Differs From City to City

ATLANTA (AP) -- The images offer a sharp contrast: In some places, police in SWAT gear wield batons or carry long guns as they patrol streets teeming with…
 //  William M Briggs  //  Jul 30 2016

Hillary Believes In Science — Which Isn’t Saying Much

You just knew it was going to be a good night. Hillary shined on that stage. Her tics and tremors and mysterious coughs were all but absent. Her voice…
 //  JENNIFER KAY KELLI KENNEDY  //  Jul 30 2016

Four Florida Zika Cases Show Virus is Originating in U.S. Mainland

MIAMI (AP) -- As word spread that Miami’s hippest neighborhood was now considered ground zero for the first mosquito-transmitted infections of the…
 //  Blake Neff  //  Jul 30 2016

Socialist Venezuela Implements Serfdom to Cope With Food Shortages

In a desperate effort to cope with worsening food shortages, the government of Venezuela has approved a new law that allows the government to force citizens…
 //  GREG MCCUNE  //  Jul 30 2016

Courts Deal Setbacks to GOP Voting Restrictions in 3 States

CHICAGO (AP) -- Courts dealt setbacks to Republican efforts in three states to restrict voting, blocking a North Carolina law requiring photo identification,…
 //  LISA LERER JONATHAN LEMIRE  //  Jul 30 2016

After Convention, Clinton Faces new Hacking Revelations, Criticism by Trump

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- Giddy if exhausted, Hillary Clinton embarked on a post-convention Rust Belt bus tour just hours after becoming the first female…